I have always loved breeding dogs and I have bred many pure-bred dogs passionately. However, I could have never imagined to feel so satisfied about breeding German Shepherd dogs, as I have been lately doing.

Everything started by chance -as it frequently happens- , from a phone call. I had often heard about Roberto Marchi, a great German Shepherd dogs breeder who has since 1974 cultivated such passion fondly. He works in Montepulciano, near Siena, calling his farm "Del Monte Poliziano". I decided to contact him in order to buy an excellent subject for reproduction and we soon started to share a great liking for each other. I was immediately sure to have found an extremely skilled and reliable person to work with. After having come into contact with Roberto, he told me that he would give me the top-grade puppies from an important litter. The puppies had excellent characteristics: beauty, character and good health, just to name the three fundamental features which every subject from Robertoís breeding must have.

Of course, genetics is not as accurate as mathematics. However, when passion combines with experience and reliability, the result is top-level.

As Roberto had promised, he immediately gave me a great litter called "Tina" from Monte Poliziano. From the very beginning, pushed by a great excitement to own a subject of such a high level, I felt extremely eager to dedicate myself heart and soul to the breeding of these amazing dogs. Roberto and I immediately entered into a definitive co-operation agreement, based on our love for German Shepherds and the desire of improving their features. Roberto came to Messina to check both my working place and the way our breeding "Tina" was growing.

That first meeting allowed me to start discovering how to go along in a field in which one never stops learning. The aim of my job is to work with honesty and accuracy in respect of these beloved "Friends" of ours, who never let us down.

We decided to take Tina to a few exhibitions in Germany. The result was surprising: Tina was once the winner of an exhibition and in the two following ones, she was awarded the second prize. Roberto, already used to getting similar results, didnít seem much surprised while I was in seventh heaven!

After some time, our breeding of German Shepherds in Messina grew in importance and started to acquire relevant subjects such as the Swiss vice-champion Targa vom Roten Feld and the stallion Fin von der Rodbaude, who has later obtained the prestigious title of Landesgruppesieger, together with his sister Fee and other subjects.

I had previously bred other breeds such as the Swiss white Shepherd, Dobermann, etc. However, I must confess that working with German Shepherds has been extremely pleasant and satisfactory.

I did not mean to offend other breeders, because in fact each and every dog is manís best friend. However, I am now having a period of strong enthusiasm and love towards my dogs and I believe them to be the greatest breed of all. For example, the first thing I do as soon as I wake up is to check how they are doing and that is as well the last thing I do before going to sleep.

Friendliness and herd instinct are typical features of the German Shepherdís fantastic temper. They are so used to collaborating that taking them out to play and train each day is absolutely effortless. Of course I must always supervise them, though they are totally peaceful. Today, each breederís job is to respect animals, try to understand them, take care of them and demonstrate our love for them. I must confess that my life has changed completely since I decided to start this kind of job. However, each sacrifice is covered by great satisfaction. As regards the future, I hope that my young children Andrei and Masha will continue the job I have started together with my wife Natascha, who looks after the dogs which I keep at the Villa.

I would like to conclude my introduction thanking you, reader. Moreover, I wish every dog-lover to share great moments with their four-legged friends.

Antonino Sottile